Maybe this is really a yesterday log, but ANYWAY. Yesterday, barring some odd glitches, was another very good day. Starrynight, my SO, and I all managed to meet up in the Berkeley BART station, and zip into the city. We did manage to go through both Chinatown and Japantown; buying CDs and pastries (at An-Na's Bakery) at the former, and manga, print club, delicious lunch, and gorgeous stationery at the latter. We had a lot of fun, I think, a fair measure of silliness, and much camaraderie. I knew I missed his Starriness but I didn't realize how much. Anyway, time passed super-quickly, and we returned to BART to go our separate ways. Then I got to spend a couple of hours alone with my SO, which I hadn't been able to do since he finally arrived in the Bay Area. Oh, and we spotted Manga-Manga. Cool. THEN, I found out Starry missed his plane. Oooops...luckily, all's well that ends well. Apparently America West has some good folks.

And right now I am blissing to the sounds of new (to me) Globe. Mmmm... (I thought I had no way to listen to it or my (very disappointing) new Faye Wong, but I forgot that although I don't have speakers with me, I do have headphones I can plug into the CD-ROM drive's jack. Duh.)