I saw Starrynight on Tuesday. We went to a Japanese restaurant in San Jose called House of Genji. It was very good--as was the food. Starry's currently at some sort of Apple thingie...possibly on Saturday we'll go up to Nihonmachi and Tangrenjie before he flies home. Yesterday I went to see The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology at the Asian Art Museum, went through the Japanese Tea Garden, and got really lost trying to leave San Francisco. I think I'll stick to BART from now on, thank you very much. I don't think that impressed my SO's father...d'oh! How embarassing. ... In other news, I applied for several jobs, at the museum, Berkeley, China Books, and other interesting places. Now i need to go fill up all the nodes I've linked to above that don't exist yet. yay! content!

WHEE!!! I got a postcard from Segnbora-T at my new address!!! My first e2 postcard! It has a very odd photo on the front, and niceness on the back. poing!