I updated my People Registry entry to reflect my new city and address. I'll also have a new e-mail address soon, at stanford.edu, but I won't post that till I know it's working. I will need to get a reliable ISP. If someone has a recommendation for a local one that won't go out of business soon, let me know; otherwise it'll be Earthlink or the like. Stanford dial-up is long-distance for me, seeing as I'm not willing to pay the still-ridiculous rents that prevail closer to Palo Alto. The whole moving out thing is weird; I'm finally on my own (more than I've ever been, anyway). My cat is taking it pretty well. She started crying when I put her in the box and closed the lid, so I gave in and opened it partially as soon as I got in the car, hoping that she wouldn't burst into a frenzy of claws streaking for the back seat. She cautiously peeked out once we were moving, and promptly decided she was better off not looking out the windows. Smart kitty, she is. At the new place, with some canned cat food and catnip, she was a happy camper. Maybe I need to find the human equivalent...curl up with some really good cuisine and some dark chocolate. I don't have the time...the stress is really starting to catch up with me, though.

Watched some more KareKano last night 'cause I had to have some kind of a break. It's really good, both in artistic direction and in storyline. Thanks, Starrynight.