Contrary to popular belief, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I'm alive, it's just that it's been one thing after another lately. I'm still living in a motel, I still have no place to live, no job, etc. I took part of the Stanford language placement test for Chinese, and apparently I need to learn some more characters unless I want to spend four years and $88,000 getting a Master's degree, which is insane.

Mind if I write down what I wrote you, Starrynight? The thing is, we've been here 3 weeks. We have applied for ONE place to live, and it's $1200 a month rent, which would put us close to or in the red, plus the stratospheric Stanford tuition. And, dozens of other people (read: clueless dotcommers with big bank accounts) applied for the same place.

If we don't get the house, which seems likely, should I ask Stanford for a delayed admittance (or whatever), applying to Berkeley in the meantime, and trying to get a place to live, job at a museum or Asian antique store, and Chinese classes in a more reasonable area such as Oakland or Alameda? Or what?

I'll tell you one thing: No matter how discouraged or despairing I get, there is no way in hell that I'm going back to Arkansas.

Then there's a bunch of private stuff that's been bothering me, involving bad timing on the part of the Universe. At any rate, the coup de grace was that my Sony VAIO fell apart. Literally. It's in PIECES. I used to think Sony was so cool. Damn them! The ONE corporation I had faith in, and they manufacture this piece of rubbish. It's not just me, either. As much as I'd sort of hoped it was a manufacturing fluke, other women in the SFWOW group have told me the same things (and worse) have happened to their Sony Superslims. If you have any idea about what we/I could do, let me know. I actually bought duct tape to try patching it back together, as I don't think I can even afford to hire some Stanford techie student to try kluging it back together. I definitely can't afford a replacement, not even a blasted Palm V.