Well, I think I've decided to tell Stanford I'm taking a year off. The plan is to apply for a job at the Asian Art Museum, and then reapply to Berkeley in the winter. (Wait, do we have winter here?) Stanford is just an option I'm keeping open. So, this will be my first job, whatever I end up doing. Should be interesting, at least. All that depends, of course, on getting a home. I would just love to live in a flat in one of the utterly fabulous Victorian houses in Alameda--which I do think was maligned in the main writeup about it. It is a little like a small town, yes, but it's right between San Francisco and Oakland, isolated from the traffic and troubles of the big cities, and it has its own beach. Very cool, or so I think.

Yes, I'm 22 and I've never had a real job. It makes me feel shiftless or something. So I'm worried about how I'll handle that, and also what to wear when I get to see Starrynight in a few days. Yeah, it's silly, I'm sure, but I'm stuck in this crummy motel with only the clothes I brought with me, and I have major appearance issues anyway. :p BHOT.

And little inspiration. You would think I would have done things in all this downtime, written more postcards or made lots of posts to my PBEM RPG or worked on art projects, but no. Somehow all of this cloudy uncertainty just seems to drain all of my energy away, and I am completely uninspired and unmotivated. I don't even feel like constructive noding. eh.