It's not January 7 yet, but as it'll be when everything hits the fan, might as well put this here. I was using my iBook before dinner last night. I closed it, put it on the chair, and went to dinner (at Kirala). Had a great time, came back, and open the iBook for more work on these insanely important papers that are due immediately. I see a broken LCD with fanned out black areas that look incredibly organic, like leaves and ferns. My screen is broken. I've had a number of minor problems I wanted to talk to tech support about, but haven't had time since I bought it October 10. Fine. I live an hour away from an Apple Store; I'll just go there today. I did.

The answer by the people at the so-called "Genius Bar" and by the people they phone is: "It's your fault. It can only occur due to user abuse. It is not our problem. However, we'll kindly repair it for you, for just $900." They told us we could try calling Customer Service, which we did, and they told us the exact same thing.

I'm pretty angry. I know I didn't drop the laptop. I know Clint didn't because I was using it for hours on end. I know the apartment wasn't broken into. I know there wasn't an earthquake. And if the single other resident of the house, my CAT, could damage it by stepping on it while its lid was closed, then it's a totally defective screen and should be replaced.

This was my first Mac machine, bought when I couldn't really afford it. It'll definitely be my last unless there's some kind of miracle. I'm so disappointed.