...and a happy new year. For the holiday, we went to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and had Italian food and stayed up late. There were plans to drive up to Mt. Diablo to watch the sunrise, but those were foiled by the fact that we slept till 9:45. Oops.

The Forbidden City exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California comes to an end soon. It goes to Houston next and last, so see it if you get the chance. This means that I have to find a job either within the museum or elsewhere. Yes, here we go again. I sent off three resumes by e-mail yesterday, and got three requests for interviews today. Not bad! Cody's Books, Cost Plus World Market, and IWITTS (www.iwitts.com)--and not in retail either, thank you. So we'll see.

Hmm, Cody's hasn't been noded. Bay Area noders, anyone?