CLAMP is a group of female Japanese manga creators. They do both art and writing. Although their specialty is shoujo manga, they have also done some shounen manga recently, and some of the anime versions of their manga are unclassifiable. As far as I know there are currently four members, as follows:
- Mokona Apapa: art
- Nanase Ohkawa: scripting, design
- Mick Nekoi: assistant art, design
- Satsuki Igarashi: assistant

CLAMP have made themselves a little unpopular by enforcing their copyrights and not allowing CLAMP graphics to be pirated and put on the WWW.

CLAMP works in several genres but romance, adventure, beautiful girls and boys, and great fashions are all hallmarks. They are among the few doujinshi groups to become professional mangaka. CLAMP titles include:
- Clover
- Magic Knight Rayearth
- Card Captor Sakura
- CLAMP Campus Detective Team
- CLAMP Campus Police Duklyon
- CLAMP in Wonderland
- Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
- RG Veda
- Tokyo Babylon
- X aka X 1999
- Person I Like
- Wish
- Yukionna Shou (Snow Princess Tears)
- 20 Menso ni Onegai