I'm doing a daylog to note a major update of the Museum Metanode! If you know of a museum node that's not listed, please /msg me. There are major missing areas, including general museum-related topics, small local museums, African-American museums, European and Asian museums (none listed from Germany, Spain, China, Japan, etc. etc.!)...there are no museums listed in Africa (not even Egypt!) or South America...etc. etc.

I had another dream about a damaged tooth. Of course, I really *DO* have a tooth problem at the moment (wisdom tooth that won't give up). But at least I sent off for dental insurance last week. Oh, the joys of moving out.

Nihonmachi Street Fair this weekend. Yay! Mostly, though, I need to unpack, buy a microwave cart, buy a wok, and look for a Chinese conversation partner.

The weather in the Bay Area is beautiful.