In the midst of a week of crash-course Chinese, something strange has come out of the blue: The couple who lived above me at my apartment in Alameda have requested my and my boyfriend's presence at their wedding, which will be in a little more than two weeks. The big surprise, though, is that they'd like me to marry them. There are two funny things about this (in addition to the "Who, me?!" aspect). One: I got my minister's credentials a couple of weeks ago, so I'm legit even without the one-day permit* they were planning on getting. Two: This is the second time I've been asked to marry a couple (I didn't do it the other time, for several reasons). Hmm, for that matter, a piece I wrote was the reading at another friend's wedding last week.

Should I drop the PhD plans and do this full time? ...nah, just kidding. I'm just wondering...what's UP with all this?

I wonder what all I need to figure out. For example, where in Emily Post does it tell you what to a wedding if you're the one conducting it???


For the record, I'm taking these things seriously--both the minister's credential (even though anyone can get one--it's not like I earned it like Deborah909) and the wedding.

* In California, any person can conduct a legal wedding if they and the couple file for a special permit with the county clerk.