Good morning! I am very sleepy and I have a lot of really urgent work to do. But I'm not staying late tonight, because he and I are going to the Village Cafe tonight to celebrate our sixteen-month anniversary. I'm looking forward to it.

Eyed other people at Specialty's even though I wasn't expecting any other e2ers. No nifty surprises, though. One unpleasant surprise as I was crossing Folsom St., though. Some guy in the passenger seat of a vehicle turning right in front of me leered at me through the window, with eye contact--and tongue. Ewww! Jeez, why am I running into so many ill-behaved men/boys lately? ... It's 9:04 and I should Do Work.
Oh oh oh! I got my confirmation for the Berkeley Extension Japanese class my boss will be paying for. Yay!
Lunch was pretty good. The guy at Napa Ranch always gives me something extra for free, or charges me for a less expensive item. I don't know why. I think he thinks I speak Spanish, though, so maybe that's it. I have a really bad migraine. Not so much the pain as the nausea and vertigo going with it...ick. I would like to feel better soon because of tonight.