- Sown is cool, you will all become major fans someday .
- the e2 front page looks incredibly weird and jumbled up on the IE installed on my lavender iMac here at my new job.
- speaking of which, my office is just across the street from The X-Games. Fabiola da Silva is there.
- I don't know where to buy a nifty nightgown or pjs in San Francisco, but I need to find out.
- I am sleepy today and have moving stuff into my flat to look forward to when I get home. At least I have my stuff now. Even if it's all in boxes.
- BY THE WAY. Neither the iMac nor the IE is my fault, okay? I just take what I'm given. (At work, anyway. At home, I'm thinking about getting a Palm VIIx with wireless net access]. I don't like PDAs all that much but can't afford a replacement laptop at this point. If you think this is a bad idea or a good idea, let me know.)
- Never mind nightgowns, I want a set of velvet lingerie.

Also, the correct answer to "How can I get some cane sugar Dr Pepper?" is "Be one of Wintersweet's favorite people." But I'll refrain from noding that, because only 7Ghent and Starrynight and maybe Kazeryu or Ktinga would have any clue as to why this is true.