The University of Queensland, or UQ as it is commonly referred to, was established by an Act of State Parliament on December 10, 1909 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Queensland's separation from the colony of New South Wales.

Classes didn't commence until 1911, when 83 arts, science and engineering students attended classes at Government House in Brisbane's George Street which had been dedicated to University purposes.

After the First World War the University expanded in both research and in teaching and outgrew Government House and the surrounding area in George Street. A larger campus was discovered at St Lucia and in 1926 the Univesity Senate accepted an offer from Dr James O'Neil Mayne to purchase the the site then valued at $120,000.

The St Lucia area was originally used to farm suger (and thus was named after the sugar-producing insland "St Lucia" in the West Indies) but arrowroot, cotton, maize and pineapples were also grown there.

The first actual building on the site was compelted in 1939, it was called the Forgan Smith Building after the Queensland Premier at the time. Due to the Second World War this building wasn't used for academic purposes however, rather it was used as an adcanged headquarters for the Allied Land Forces in the South West Pacific.

It wasn't until 1948 that a major shit occured to move teching from Georoge Stree to St Lucia. This wasn't completed though unil alost 25 years later in 1972.

At present the following data is true about UQ.

Student Numbers: -Total: 31764 -Postgraduate: 6525
Student Load (EFTSU): -Total: 27 505 -International: 3612
Staff (FTE): -Total: 4666 -Academic: 1927
Teaching & Research: -Courses Offered: 5000 -Programs Offered: 360
Finance: -Annual Revenue: $500m -Research Funding: $113m
Land Holdings: -Area: 1940ha -Buildings: 304747 m2