With the plethora of references (or perhaps I should say blatant rip-offs) within the Final Fantasy Movie, including the obvious ones mentioned above (Mononoke Hime, Evangelion), I couldn’t help but picture further ones in different places. I kept expecting them to try and decapitate the “head” of the big anti-gaia and put it in a box or for all the explosions to end in a cross shape flaring in the sky.

One, that I didn’t think of at the time, but that a friend related to me later, could have happened at the end, as Aki and Gray are being raised up on that platform. My friend spoke of similarities he saw between that scene and finale of The End of Evangelion. He said that he was waiting for the moment when Aki would lean over Gray and begin strangling him. Now if you haven’t seen End of Eva then you wont get the reference, but it fits, and now I can’t even think about it without bursting into a fit of giggles, the last line of that movie should have beenKimochi warui for sure.

Ok don't get me wrong; though I knocked it above, I still really liked the movie. Visually it was stunning. I think the plot and character development left a lot to be desired, but I went into it with expectations that the movie would be of the same quality as the games. I was expecting to see the same depth of characters that you get in a Final Fantasy game which was a very unrealistic expectation on my part, you can't squeeze the level of character development from a fifty hour game into a two hour movie.

Update October 30, 2001:

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s DVD release of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within contains a number of cool Easter Eggs. Their descriptions and how to get to them is as follows: