Return to Sparky's (place)

Sparky's is the [Sparky's|best damn bar] in [Brooklyn] and the place where I seem to spend far too much of my [time]. Why should you go out of your way to find yourself at Sparky's?

A few answers: Because of the 26 [beer|beers] on tap that differ every week, because I once watched someone almost get [booted] for ordering [Budweiser] and because it's actually an [honest to goodness] [pub] in the sense that people actually gather for [community] as opposed to all the other [reasons] one might visit such an [establishment].

Located in the deep ass end of [Carroll Gardens] near the [Gowanus Canal], [Red Hook] and the [subway|F Train], you'll find it at the corner of Nelson & Court. And don't yall worry bout the time, I've seen the [sunrise] in Sparky's and I just [live] around the corner - come [sleep] on my [floor] and get a real [taste] of [Brooklyn].

And by the way, it seems to be a [dog] [bar]. I ain't got a dog, but if I did I'd bring her to Sparky's.