It's been raining and raining and raining for days and somehow that's turned all of NYCity into a big swimming pool of people trying to keep dry and avoid sharks. We have lots of sharks.

Stepped into a subway station last night and found water pooled up on the floors... all over the tracks - MTA worker with a broom sweeping the rainwater into a drain. Went to a good friend's play last night - the roof leaked. The drain in front of my basement apartment is clogged - 4 inches of water greeted me when I stepped out of the door this morning. My shoes haven't been intact for months, now my socks haven't been dry for hours. I no longer need a shower in the morning. I no longer need to concern myself with wrinkles in my clothes. Smoke breaks leave me saturated and excited - shoe shaped puddles following me around as I walk down the halls of my temporary employment. Everything smells of the sea. I step out of my train into an above ground station and rivets of water are falling around me. I can see the statue of liberty standing in the bay, but I'm not used to thinking of NYCity as ocean-based. I keep looking for mermaids on the F Train. No such luck yet.

There's a party this weekend at my home. We invited too many people to fit inside the house, expecting overflow into the backyard/garden/reason we rented the apartment. There's plans to buy a tarp to cover the backyard like a giant tent, but I have secret fears that the tent is going to fill with water and drown all our guests. By the way, you're all invited. Bring your bathing suit and snorkel. If it's dry out after all, at least you'll be the life of the party.