My first dream about Everything - it seems only appropriate this should also be my first dream log.

I'm sitting in front of my computer drifting, trying to log onto e2 but getting continual server errors - or maybe it's just lagging - or maybe it's stuck trying to load that buggy banner ad....

When suddenly everything works: lightning fast. And everything looks a little off, a little different. And the web address has changed, and the other users list is in the hundreds, and that's when I realize:

e2 has become an online personals site.

Homenode pictures are mandatory. All nodes are getting to know you node in some fashion or another. Node:XP count is gone, but a new Sex:XP is in its place. Every sexual encounter I've ever had is mystically documented. XP is based on your sexual prowess (voted on by past partners). And I'm very confused and concerned suddenly by the activities in the chatterbox.

Disturbing things happen when I go to my friends' homenodes:

I turn off the machine, and go back to bed...

...when I awoke this morning there was that disturbing moment of not knowing if what happened last night was all dream or not - things all blend up inside. But that anxiety was unfounded.