An excellent movie hugely popular in Russia and also available, usually subtitled, elsewhere. The title means "brother" in Russian, as it does in many Slavic languages. It could be described as a sort of Russian "Reservoir Dogs." It is, however, paced very slowly. The plot revolves around our hero Danila who travels to St. Petersburg to live with his brother, who promptly sets him up to be the patsy for a bunch of gangsters who will kill him. I will go ahead and spoil the movie for you by saying that Danila discovers the betrayal, kills the gangsters, then humiliates but ultimately forgives his asshole brother, thereby proving that he (Danila) is hardcore but has principles.

There is a barely coherent subplot wherein Danila wanders around St. Petersburg looking for the new CD by a Russian (pop) band called Nautilus. That band, coincidentally, supplied the soundtrack for the film. It's good to see that the Russians are learning about cross-marketing and product placement.

Followed by a sequel called, logically, "Brat Dva."

If you enjoy hip Eastern European gangster flicks, I'd also recommend the excellent Polish film Psy (Dogs) by Wladyslaw Pasikowski and its sequel, Psy 2. These movies feature entertaining scenes of dead drunk Polish cops being corrupt.

Cast and mundane information courtesy of IMDB. Plot recalled by memory.