The universal greeting used in Transformers: The Movie.

Originally brought up by Kup, as he and Hot Rod were about to be molested by Sharkticons. The tactic seemed to work initially, as the Sharkticons ate the energon Kup and Hot Rod were handing out, but when the energon ran out, they attacked anyway. One supposes the conclusion to be drawn is that it was the promise of energon, not the universal greeting, that functioned diplomatically in that case.

Later, it was used on the planet Junk, with much greater success, on the Junkions. The Autobots were in the process of fighting a losing battle with the Junkions, when Hot Rod used the universal greeting. The Junkions repeated the phrase, then repaired the Autobot wounded, and began a party, dancing around, and doing other silly Junkion things, before going to attack Unicron. But that's a different story.

Why is this the universal greeting? What are its origins? These are questions left unanswered, unfortunately. Although Kup assures us that it "works every time."

Empirical evidence supports the assumption that the universal greeting is only useful in real life among people who have seen (and remember) Transformers: The Movie.