Today Tom and I have been married for a year. We’ve known each other since 1997 (we met online – yes, it does happen), lived together since 1998, and handfasted since 1999. We have built a life together and that together means forever.

On September 30th of last year, we were legally married in Toronto. Why? Because it’s possible under Canadian law (in some provinces). Because we like Canada very much, and may live there someday. Because our own country denies this legal recognition of our relationship.

I won’t go into the many reasons why we should be able to marry here in the US. I will say that I think there are no credible arguments against same-sex marriage. Those who are worried about the "sanctity of marriage" would do well to consider this: what kind of message does Britney Spears with her multiple media marriages, for example, present to her impressionable teenage fans?

I don’t expect our marriage license to become valid in the US during my lifetime. It’s valid here in our house, and that’s what counts.