Back when I started writing these Editor Logs, I somehow got the idea that the log with the title of the current month should reflect what I’d done the current month, even though I posted it in the following month.

Therefore, the Editor Log for, say, June 2005 would be posted in July, but be titled “Editor Log: June 2005”.

After a slew of messages from well-meaning but confused noders, and some lengthy re-education from my partner, I’ve seen the error of my ways. It turns out that most folks assume that though the title of the log reflects the current month, it relates work done the previous month. I suppose this has already occurred to everyone else. It’s not the first time I’ve been out of step with everyone else, and sure as hell won’t be the last.

Therefore, this is all you get for “Editor Log: November 2005”. Nothing to see here; press on to Editor Log: December 2005 for November’s doings, if you would.