There was renewed discussion, recently, of nuking writeups – specifically, what we as editors remove and why we nuke what we nuke. For my part, I thought about restating my editorial policy; but as it’s up already, it doesn’t bear repeating here.

However, I post an editor log each month so those who might be interested can see what I’ve done and why. Much as I sign each of my Klaproth messages, I include a short comment with each nuke. I believe very strongly that you can often take some of the sting out of unpalatable (but necessary) actions if there’s a why attached. I'm also ready and willing to chat with anyone regarding any of my decisions.

I hope it’s apparent that, other than requests by a noder to remove a writeup or a clean-up of old stuff, I try to nuke solely on a qualitative basis. I rarely consider the subject of the writeup in question, and I don’t take into account who wrote the piece. I don’t have to like or dislike either when considering editorial action.

It’s all about improvement: the E2 database, the author’s skill/technique, or sometimes both.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Why we nuke – is it subjective? You bet. But we live in an imperfect world and, despite evidence to the contrary, we editors are indeed only human. We really are trying to do our best.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now, on to this month’s activity:

What I removed and why

Constructive help

  • The Gutenberg Galaxy by nasreddin – alerted noder to a factual error.
  • The Traveller by the.web.hermit – some typos and grammar fixes.
  • Holywell by fns909 – added a few necessary commas.
  • Peter J. Gomes by Bookworm – fixed numerous instances of “reverand”, noder apparently fled.
  • Uncle Dave Macon Days Festival by KissThis – fixed comma problems.
  • Nighthawks by deep thought – fixed comma problems.
  • Contact – various writeups with various minor problems.
  • cutting edge Christianity by Morgon77 – messaged noder with "it’s" problems, and a few typos.
  • The Diceman by Khoryos – Suggested to the noder that better formatting, and more exposition, might stem the tide of downvotes.

And a node audit!

  • j3nny3lf