Part of every noder’s calling here at E2, if they’re concerned about the quality of writeups on the site, is to be on the lookout for errors in writeups. Grammar and syntax errors, typos, content errors – we all make ‘em. For many people, myself included, it can be difficult to read a writeup that’s laced with such errors. They’re as jarring as a wrong note in a symphony, and can bring your train of thought to a sudden halt. Most of the time you skip over the error and read on, but wouldn’t it be nicer if the writeup were error-free?

Sometimes errors, especially common ones can elude an author, and it may require another pair of eyes to spot them. You, the helpful noder, benefit from this as well, because it never hurts to sharpen your proofreading skills.

For our part, we’ve been exhorted by The Powers That Be to gently point out these errors rather than just correct them on the fly – again, in the spirit of helping noders to perfect their writeups and turn the situation into a learning experience.

How You Can Help

Keep an eye out for potential errors in writeups. If you think you’ve found one, send a polite message to the author and suggest a correction.

Should you receive such a message, don’t get your knickers in a twist. Most likely the message was offered in the spirit of perfecting the database, and should be accepted as such.

Carry on, node well and often!

Let’s look at the record …

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I also had a birthday this month. For the record, I’m 39. Again. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.