Now that I’m apparently in sync (timewise) with the rest of the world (see Editor Log: November 2005), it’s time to get down to this month’s business.

Lord Brawl has presented the staff and, by extension, all e2ers, with some interesting requests in his recent Editor Log:

List 3 to 5 writeups (not your own) that epitomize what’s special about Everything2 for you.

List 2 or 3 writeups (your own) with which you’re pleased.

List 2 or 3 writeups (anyone’s) to which you would point new users as an example of “how to write for e2”.

At what time or times are you typically active on e2 and accessible for user questions and help?

I’m almost always on E2 in the evening, usually after 20:00 CST every evening except Wednesday, and irregular times on Saturday and Sunday. I’m only cloaked when I check in for a few minutes on workdays, due to irrational workplace internet use restrictions.

I’m ready and willing to assist users when I’m on, and also when I’m not. I’m roadboyIL on Yahoo! Messenger and AIM for those times when the E2 chat box won’t quite do. Hell, I’ll chat with noders via telephone if that works better. I hope users will never hesitate to contact me if there’s something with which I can help.

Are you an active member of the Mentoring team, or if not, would you be willing to join?

I am an active member. I joined the Mentoring team almost as soon as I reached level 4. In my professional life, I’ve achieved a reputation as a good mentor, and I’m happy to be able to bring that to E2 in whatever small way I can.

Are you a subject matter expert to whom the admin team can go for content advice? If so, in what area(s)?

Well, I believe I have a good grasp of English grammar, syntax, and style – I certainly have plenty of reference material handy. I’m also pretty good with things technical.

Are you a leader or an active, contributing member of any e2 usergroups?

I am the leader of e2Pagans and a member of Content Editors, the groups where I spend most of my usergroup time; also a member of outies, britnoders, e2pandas, e2books, E2LUG, e2religion, the Typo Death Squad (of course!), and GrayPanthers. I am perhaps not as active in some of these groups as I could be, largely due to the fact that there’s only so many hours in a day.

The preceding will also appear in my soon-to-be-revised homenode.


Now, on to this month’s activity:

Recycled nodegel

  • The mystery that is I by stoOpiDgenIUs – advised noder it might work better as a daylog.
  • Why you get ice-cream headaches by factgirl – noder requested deletion because "it’s a little too close to some Australian homework helper website".
  • Yellow Pages by zephtar – one-liner of unverified content (no sources) and a typo to boot, by a fled noder.
  • Reconstituted nodegel

    • Danny Glover by Davidian – fixed a few typos and a minor grammar problem. Noder notified.
    • nip/tuck by Fushiryo – advised noder to fix typos, expand the writeup a bit, and soft link.
    • medieval weaponry by rianu – fixed a few minor typos and syntactic errors.
    • Kimi Räikkönen by saturnine – fixed a "who’s" that should’ve been a "whose", and a few typos. Noder not seen for a while.
    • Austria, Turkey and the EU by Epiphany – messaged noder with a number of small fixes. Noder quite cooperative.
    • Fascism by noung – some minor typo fixes in an excellent writeup.
    • William Henry Harrison by O Boy – assistance with grammar and syntax.
    • Data Age by passport – a few minor punctuation fixes.
    • Examined Operators

    • O Boy
    • bewilderbeast
    • grundoon
    • greth