It’s been two weeks since that Sunday night I logged back in and found things looked a wee bit different. Once I recovered from the surprise, and thought about what’d just happened, the sense of responsibility set in.

Time to do what I usually do in these situations: read every bit of documentation I could get my hands on. I wanted to know what all those new buttons were for, and when or why I might use them. I wanted to know what others before me had done. There’s a lot to slog through, but the saving grace is that most of it’s pretty informative and sometimes entertaining.

I messaged other editors about why they’d nuked a particular writeup, testing my thoughts against theirs.

My editorial philosophy? I’m finishing that up (though it’s been longer than two weeks in the formulating).


Thus far:

  • Coffee ‘n’ donuts: welcomed some new noders and pointed them to the FAQ. I continue to assist new noders with their writeups, something I was happy to do even before I became an ed.
  • Wielded the sword:
    • The Hardest Thing. I read this and a voice screamed in my head, “Daylog!” The noder was so advised.
    • Hobo Tax. Advised noder that this would be better suited as a daylog.
    • porcelain. Superseded.
    • But Why?. But why would we keep this, and the noder is apparently fled.
    • anarchy. Advised noder that this was more in the nature of a rant than a writeup and pointed it to the FAQ.
  • Typos: fixed some in nodes I didn’t keep track of (better record-keeping next time).
  • Audited: themanwho, indigoe.
  • I'm glad to be here.