As I promised, August's log is also late. This time it's not slacking; Real Life intruded upon briarcub and me – a death in the family and a sick (possibly terminal) kittycat. E2 provided a welcome relief and diversion from all that. But life marches on, and it's back to the desk for me:


  • Jessica Alba by killerrabit – one word response, noder pointed to the FAQ.
  • US Highway 50 by ginseng – superseded by subsequent writeups.
  • lisp by statsbats – superseded writeup by fled noder.
  • Mount Hood by csm 714 – superseded, noder fled, and WU sitting at a negative rep.


  • John Grisham by jenibebs – Fixed some grammar and spelling problems, noder apparently fled.
  • Nancy Wilson by nevermind_me – tweaked a few minor spelling errors.
  • hamstring muscles by junkill – provided some title assistance, didn't want noder to be hamstrung by titles!
  • computer based triangulation by gw7nvw – first writeup, suggested it could use more hard and soft links.