Well, before you ask – no, there wasn't a Children of the Corny meet in 2006. After the last two, we needed a little breather. Now, BriarCub and I are tanned, rested, and energized. Ready to welcome y'all back to beautiful Heyworth for . . .

Children of the Corny 3: Third Time's the Charm!

The following verbiage shamelessly recycled from a previous meet writeup:

The haps:


Friday, August 31 through Sunday, September 2. That's the (US) Labor Day weekend, so you've got all day Monday to recover.


Same as it ever was: our house at 107 East Sullivan Street, Heyworth, Illinois. DO NOT go to 107 West, those folks are not us! Heyworth’s about ten minutes south of the Bloomington/Normal area – also some three hours from Chicago, or Indianapolis, or St. Louis.

The Bloomington/Normal area is at the hub of two major highways, Interstate 55 and Interstate 74. The Central Illinois Regional Airport is also nearby. The Peoria airport, 50 miles distant, may be cheaper. Also, there's an Amtrak station in Normal that's very convenient. Message me if you need help with directions, travel plans, or need a ride from/to public transport.


Just because! We like seeing all our noder friends, and anyway, who needs an excuse for a party?


We’ll have plenty of chips and snacks and munchies around, any manner of soft drinks, beer, and wine. For the harder stuff, bring what you like and bring some to share (sharing is caring, after all). We don’t drink beer, so suggestions on what to get would be nice. BriarCub will have the bottle of ouzo ready for sharing!


  • Friday, 31st:
  • Arrival date! There’ll be someone at the house all day, so get here whenever you can. Dinner will again be the bottomless pot of pasta, featuring Tom’s Illinois Pasta Sauce. Tom will be hosting the ever-popular massive Carcassonne game, while the rest of us hang out and see who shows up (or doesn’t show). Drinks all around for them what wants 'em.

  • Saturday, 1st:
  • For those that can rise early, we'll have plenty of coffee and tea. When everyone’s ready for food, we'll run up to Bloomington for lunch at the FlatTop Grill, a Mongolian barbeque-style place that's fast, fresh, and damn good. Its appeal is further enhanced by the presence of a Cold Stone Creamery nearby!

    That evening, we’ll have more of the traditional nodermeet activities such as consuming (more) alcohol, chatting, getting to know each other, talking about E2, talking about noders, talking about each other, playing with the cats, and so on. There's the possibility of a Node Slam – more on that later! Drinks all around for them what wants 'em.

  • Sunday, 2nd:
  • As soon as everyone’s conscious again, we’ll have pancakes & waffles made from the legendary, world-famous Everything Pancake Mix! Not much planned for today, other than the inevitable reluctant goodbyes until next time . . . and make plans to head to Indiana in November for There goes the neighborhood! 3: im in ur house eating ur f00dz!


We’ve got some room here. We can sleep two on the futon (it’s been reinforced), one on the couch, three to four in the upstairs bedroom, and three to five or so on the floor in the living room. I may have the garage remodeled as more living space by August, so that'll provide more space. If you’ve got a preference, please let me know and I’ll keep a running tally. Floor crashers should bring something to sleep on, it’s a hardwood floor (emphasis on the hard). There are motels within ten miles or so of us – let me know if you need help with arrangements.


Not much here except that we have three cats. They’re very friendly creatures and, unlike most cats, actually appear to enjoy being around lots of people. They'll prove that by getting underfoot constantly. They’re shorthair cats and don’t cause my allergies to go wild, but your reactions may be different. The cats will be boarded at our vet's, so they can get their yearly checkups. I hope to survive their anger when they return home.

As a rule, we don’t have neighbor problems, but keeping outside noise down is always appreciated.

Charming people comin':

LaggedyAnne and Sessor
Junkill and Suzi
and YOU?

Folks who might get charmed:

Evil Catullus
gwenllian and Apatrix and troupe!
ch'i-lin and ysardo and podling

Sending their regrets:

Our wertperch and grundoon who are hosting a simultaneous West Coast nodermeet, with which we'll be in contact!
izubachi, who'll be IS racketing around Macedonia