Throughout the merry journey that is life upon this planet, all of us go through certain life-changing rituals. Among them, things such as your first kiss . . . the first time you get drunk . . . the first time you have Intimate Knowledge of another person . . . and the first time you see The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Imagine my surprise and, dare I say it, dismay when I learned that My Beloved has made it to the ripe old age of 32 without experiencing this fine example of the cinematic art! He knows not the joys of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, nor does he know how to do the Time Warp!

Obviously, this oversight cries out to be remedied . . . and fast. Of course, my first thought was what a superb reason for a party.
An nodermeet, in fact.

I therefore invite you all not to glorious Trans-Sexual, land of Night on the planet Transylvania, but to . . .


The gory details:


Friday, October 28 through Sunday, October 30. The weekend leading up to that fine old witchly holiday, Halloween! Indeed, what better time of year to watch RHPS? As with last year, consumption of trick-or-treaters is not permitted.


Same as last year, natch: our house at 107 East Sullivan Street, Heyworth, Illinois. That’s about ten minutes south of the Bloomington/Normal area – also some 3 hours from Chicago, or Indianapolis, or St. Louis. Centrally located, we are.

Our area is at the hub of two major highways, Interstate 55 and Interstate 74, and the Central Illinois Regional Airport is nearby in Bloomington. The Peoria airport, 50 miles distant, may be cheaper; if so, pickups can be arranged. Also, Normal is served by Amtrak. Message or call me if you need help with directions.


Aside from the reason cited, haven’t you been reading those post-nodermeet writeups? These shindigs are FUN! We’ll even have a few non-noders in attendance so you don’t forget what normal people are like.


There'll plenty of chips and snacks and so forth around, any manner of soft drinks, beer, and wine. For the harder stuff, bring what you like and bring some to share (sharing is caring, after all). I don’t drink beer, so suggestions on what to get would be appreciated!

Since, last time, folks tended to wake up in the mid-morning, breakfast and lunch usually wind up being the same meal. There are dinner plans, though, for each evening.


Here's the tentative schedule, subject to change just like it did last time:

Friday 28th October:

Arrival date! There’ll be someone at the house all day, so get here whenever you please. Later in the evening, Tom and mcc will be hosting the ever-popular massive Carcassonne game, while the rest of us watch to see who shows up (or doesn’t show). Those who don't show will be mercilessly talked about. Also, we can annoy Apatrix with endless questions about The New E2 until he passes out.

Dinner will be lots and lots of glorious pasta, expertly sauced with Tom’s Illinois Pasta Sauce.

Saturday 29th October:

As soon as everyone’s conscious again, we’ll have pancakes & waffles made from the world-famous Everything2 Pancake Mix! As the day wears on, we’ll have the traditional nodermeet activities such as consuming (more) alcohol, chatting, getting to know each other, playing with the cats, letting the cats play with us, and so on. There’ll be plenty of snacks, and more substantial food around, to keep everyone going until dinner and movie time.

That evening, we’ll have the ceremonial de-flowering of our Rocky Horror virgin with the showing of Rocky! Dinner will most likely consist of pizzas or such, and maybe some of Gwen's world-famous Russian Cream!

Sunday 30th October:

Unless someone volunteers to make breakfast/brunch, we’ll have yet another round of the pancakes & waffles (they were pretty popular last year), again as soon as everyone’s coherent. Not much planned for today, other than the inevitable reluctant goodbyes until next time . . .


We’ve got some room here. We can sleep one on the couch, three to four in the upstairs bedroom, and three to five or so on the floor in the living room. Floor crashers should bring something to sleep on, it’s a hardwood floor (emphasis on the hard). There are motels with ten miles or so of us – let me know if you want help with arrangements.


Not much here except that we have four cats. They’re very friendly creatures and, unlike most cats, actually appear to enjoy being around lots of people. They’re shorthair cats and don’t cause my allergies to go wild, but your reactions may be different.

We don’t usually have neighbor problems, but keeping outside noise down is always appreciated.

Internet connections: We've got plenty of Internet here, but no wireless - so if you bring your laptop, bring your Ethernet card as well!

Transylvanians in attendance:

non-noder Kent
avalyn and Molly
Wuukieeand mcc
Junkill and Suzi
choco-tracy, another RHPS virgin!
grundoon and wertperch(!)
Passport is coming from St. Louis in his Suburban, and can take passengers!
yclept is comin' all the way from Joisey!

Considering the invitation:

Pint might be ridin' with yclept!
mblase (who is reminded that a vacation from Peoria is always a Good Thing!)

Sending their regrets:

Siouxsie, a former RH groupie.
Cool Beans, StrawberryFrog, et. al., otherwise engaged at another nodermeet!
TheDeadGuy is unfortunately otherwise engaged
Heisenberg promises to spill fresh blood on his stethoscope
aionaever says it's a bit far but to send his love to Tim Curry!
Andrew Aguecheek is the victim of a nuked bank balance and can't make the journey, but will be doing the Time Warp at his uni party!
The Lush is otherwise engaged!
IWhoSawTheFace can't make it, but will be doing Elbow Sex in our honour!
LeoDV will be in Dublin and hasn't mastered the trick of being in two places at once, unfortunately.