Not much has happened in the past couple of days, but that's okay, because I danced.

Sunday night watched Erin Brockovitch a tv movie with Hollywood bucks and that toothy mongoose beeyotch Julia Roberts. Here is a plot summary. White trash lady is beautiful, kind, loving, bitchy only when it suits the story and she has a great line, and is basically all things to all people. She teaches her (almost 100% female) audience how to stands up for themselves and their hick towns and that they really are just as good as wasps, if not better, and even if they don't get treated as nicely at least they wear more colourful clothes. Her good acts including winning millions of dollars in a sort-of lawsuit for a buncha other white trash cancer people who had been fooled into thinking their white trash town was safe from evil Chromium dumping by a malevolently corporate heavy industry, and of course at the very end white trash lady gets her payoff too, which is why the movie is so happy and empowering. Kind of a female Forrest Gump. A brain-leak flick.

Worked today and yesterday. After work yesterday wandered all over downtown t.o looking for (a) my friend Troy; (b) pot. Found neither and went to yoga which substituted nicely. After yoga found (a) and (b) in the same room, rather unsurprisingly.

Had a charming taxi driver on the way home who I lied to. I said I was (a) betrothed to be married someday, but only when my parents thought it was proper, and (b) babysitting for my aunt's family (instead of sitting around Troy's friend's apt. smoking up). Sometimes, you just have to lie for no reason. He provided the reason - he adored me so much that he told me he didn't want a tip.

An old friend called yesterday and told me in so many words that she having anxiety attacks trying to disregard the blatant fact that she is being cheated on by my ex boyfriend, that she was reading my nodes, even though they suck and she could do much better ones, but that Everything is a waste of time and that if she wants to write something that goes in the public domain she'll only do it if she gets paid for it (which she does). What a sensitive, caring person, reading my nodes and then telling me why I shouldn't be writing. Really I know why. It's because even though I never do, if I were to write as much as she did, I would wind up writing circles around her...I know her evil plan is to take over the world and have me as her lackey, but seeing I don't feel obligated to work for (never mind stay friends with) people who make me feel stupid and crummy, she should just watch what she says.

Finally wrote back to my landlord today, the shortest business letter I ever wrote, so we'll see how much that hurts.

Other ideas for nodes, but with my modem at home Everything takes forever in the evenings.