I was in a restaurant with my mother waiting for Conrad Black to meet us for lunch. He arrives slightly after us, but still on time. Then my mother had to go to a chemotherapy session, leaving Conrad Black and I all alone. The restaurant was an L-shaped dinerish affair with mirrors on the walls. I could tell Conrad liked me and I knew he was rich so I started to act like I dug him, trying to convince myself that it probably wouldn't be so bad to have sex with him. He invited me up to his apartment to "hang out" so I got up and followed him out of the restaurant. We went across the street to his apartment building, which looked like the T-D Centre in Toronto: a skyscraper with a black marble lobby and high ceilings. Waiting for the elevator, I saw some doors open up and made my way there, but Conrad grabbed my sleeve and said, "no, this one" I glimpsed workmen in hard hats in the elevator Conrad had steered me away from. We went in another elevator, all alone. He didn't try to grab me though, he just stood there looking at me. "Wanna smoke?" he asked, so we went into his apartment, which was really messy and full of half-opened boxes. His daughter was sitting on this grey sectional velour couch and she was friendly to me. I felt really weird that his daughter would be cool with me and started wondering what Conrad really wanted. Then I looked out the window and in an apartment across the way there were three guys (don't know who) just looking in at us, eating popcorn, as if they were watching a movie. I asked Conrad about them and he said "just ignore them, they're there all the time". I try to roll a joint but it's as if I didn't know how: the papers keep coming apart.

A police officer was walking in the door. I get such a fright from that - that he is going to put me in prison for smoking dope and gold-digging - that I woke up, and in real life a police officer really was walking into my house! Turns out the upstairs apartment's alarm was going off and he thought our two apartments were a single house. Weird coincidence.