Wintersweet: I appreciate and understand your attempt at making us Lib.Arts feel better about our crummy potential, but you were indeed wise to choose tour operator. Four of the jobs you went for were administrative, and take it from me, the self-proclaimed Queen O' Temps: administrative assistantships are SHITE!!!

Basically, you're an indentured servant to everyone in the office, and if you prove to be decent at your work (as have I) you *might* be promoted to the lofty heights of executive assistant (as have I), so instead of being everyone's peon you're reserved for the boss's micturating pleasure. While some extremely shiny and bright personalities might be promoted out of an admin position within 6 months, chances are more likely that THUNK you've hit the admin glass ceiling and unless you leave the company, there you will stay for the rest of your sad, sad life.

I have an interview tomorrow for a non-administrative marketing/development associate gig for a non-profit arts organization...fingers crossed.