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Born in the Windy City on a windy night. I was exactly 1 second old when I moved. Been moving ever since. Now existing in the middle of the state of confusion, I question everything.
Why did my parents get a divorce when I was seven?
Why did mom say everything was allright?
Why did I have to live with Gramma and Gramps?
Why did mom remarry a jerk?
Why did I leave home at sixteen and try to make it on my own?
Thirtynine years later the reality of bliss has evaded me.
Struggle is the norm here. Wake-up Show-up! A few lessons here and there and "Presto" Everything is just OK. The embedded past is MINE....ALL MINE.
I want a new puzzle! The old one is missing pieces and I don't like the picture anyway.
If I died in the Viet-Nam War, who's freedom would be gained? Would I be free from my past and future sufferings? Is that what freedom really means?
I tolerate but do not accept the way things are now.
I'm surrounded by a world I don't understand.
Creativity has been my salvation, an outlet, a comfort and a means to face another day.
Another day....