A quote from the afore-mentioned Mary Daly, who forsees and analyzes this type of predictable criticism:

"This will of course be called an ‘anti-male’ book…The use of this label is an indication of intellectual and moral limitations. Despite all the evidence that women are attacked as projections of The Enemy, the accusers ask sardonically: ‘Do you really think that men are the enemy?’ This deception/reversal is so deep that women – even feminists – are intimidated into Self-deception, becoming the only Self-described oppressed who are unable to name their oppressor…" –From Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism

Drawing attention to the supposed prejudices of the women’s movement (or, similarly, the black power movement, queer movement, etc.) is a convenient way to distract women from the fact that the agents of violent and oppressive acts aimed at women typically are male. It is also a really nice example of men demanding the lion’s share of the attention in any form of discourse. Radical feminism is a value system centered around women; nevertheless, mention the word "feminism" in mixed company (modified by the adjective "radical" or not), and you will probably be sucked into a lengthy discussion of how it relates to men and male experience. Hmmm….coincidence?

And who gets accused of ascribing to this "all-men-are-evil" doctrine? Any woman who has the gonads to talk about the individual agents that keep this clockwork orange, known in radical feminist circles as the Patriarchy, running smoothly. This is a fantastically effective way to keep the identities of those agents hidden from popular view, to instill the fear of God into free-thinking women whose version of feminism strays from the insipid popular-media Gloria Steinem variety, and to ensure that discussion about rape, sexism, patriarchal brainwashing and brutality stays on a nice safe theoretical level. ‘Nuff said.