Who Am I?

Who am I? I want to know so badly. What is my purpose here, on Earth? I have yet to recieve an answer. I am beginning to think that one does not recieve such things. One wills what one wants to will. I am sure science has much to say on the subject, but for once in my life, I am not interested in the specifics.

The conscious mind works wonders. It is the key to the greatness of man. But it can not work alone. I have tried to function only with my conscious mind. It is impossible. This means that superstition will always have a place amongst us. We are men, the great conquerors of the Earth. But we can not forget who we really are, or who we really come from.

Those who came before live on in us. This means that those who came before them do so as well. The Gorillas and the Chimps, and our common ancestors, and the common ancestors before them, they all live on within every one of us, beautiful copies of some distant bacterium with which we no longer share the world. Except we do. There is no division between us and that first single-celled organism. And therefore, there is no division between ourselves and our neighbors, for we are all the same one.

Every day, I wake up and wonder, "What will I do?" Luxury breeds its own problems. Once the stomach and the loins are satisfied, the mind is left up to its own devices, and I can think of no better stall cycle than religion. Worship. It is intensive, motivated, and above all, cyclical.

The praying man radiates so much psychic energy off from his scalp, that he has no choice but to be satisfied with his life. The great consistency of prayer is an escape valve, from which we let off all of the pent up energy from the neocortex.

One might not wish to pray to God. Some might think that God does not exist, as I do. It does not matter. Ritual is the most important part of any religion, and ritual makes no allegiances to one god or another, or any God at all. But all the same, there is no happier man than he who follows his own rythyms.

I had difficulty deciding where this document should go. I am placing it under this node because I believe the sentiments contained herein to be universally sympathetic. Thank You.