Thomas More College resides in Adelaide, South Australia.

"The College is a Catholic, co-educational, secondary school offering a comprehensive curriculum. With a strong commitment to: Quality Student Learning, Spiritual Growth, New Resources and Leadership.

The college offers students the opportunity to use a diverse range of facilities and has an affordable fee structure.

Thomas More College has been educating children from the Catholic parishes of Salisbury, Elizabeth North, Elizabeth South, Gawler, Virginia and Para Hills since 1979.

The College provides a Catholic education. This primarily means that the structures of the school are set up according to Gospel Values; we teach Religious Education; we provide liturgical celebrations for students and we emphasise care of individuals by both staff and fellow students. Non-Catholic Students who are able to support the Catholic values of the school are welcome.

The College has a commitment to maintaining high standards of conduct, moral behaviour and self-discipline amongst the students. Policies within our community aim to promote a safe and happy environment for all."

I go to Thomas More (senior 2002). It is a bit like the above statement, but the emphasis on community is present more than is written above. The thing I think that sets my school apart from the rest is the complete lack of physical fights. We only have them once every few years, and only occasionally are they serious. It allows for a better learning environment, however due to the lack of physical fights conflicts are often emotionally fought and children will end up less bullied, more psychologically damaged.

This is my opinion, and to my understanding the school is only as good as the people who go to it and their attitudes.

the quote is from the Thomas More Website: