My best friend couldn't care of I was breathing or not.

She skirts around with other people, people that I assume are more interesting than me.

And it hurts me.

Hurts me more than she'll ever know.

And I'm not blowing anything out of proportion. She is working through some issues, but it looks to me like I'm being left behind.

She is my best friend. I'm not being dramatic, I feel like I'm losing her.

I console myself in others, and she'll never know how much she hurts me. All I can ask myself is 'Am I being selfish?' and 'what have I done wrong?' which are really entirely the same question.

When I ask her if it's something I've done she says, 'No, its not you.' But I don't believe her. Friendships are not supposed to be complicated.

I'm losing my best friend, and I'm crying. It's been like this for only four days, and I'm crying.

I was told that I am a pretty sensitive guy by my best friends friend.

You spend over a year getting to know someone, and then bang, they fade away in an instant.

And I still don't know if it's me.

I look her straight in the face, and I ask her what is wrong. She tells me how crowded she is, and that I should just leave her alone, she doesn't need company.

Then she talks to most other people. Should I take the hint? Is there even a hint?

But I am crying anyway, because I miss my dear friend. And the fucking audience sighs.

It hurts me, and although I often hurt myself and blow things out of proportion, this is different.