Tyrannical obsessive mind!

Oh why do you plague me so?


Stupid fucking brain, can’t control its outflow of hormone, which in turn effects my emotions.

Things I do to combat depression:
  • Watch the same movie over and over again, hence the Scottish accent…
  • Cling to females like they can protect me
  • Subtly hint to everyone what I am depressed about, often with them asking me “what the hell are you going on about?” and me responding with “nothing.”
  • Laugh constantly, in order to make myself happy

Laughing, believe it or not, is an excellent way to combat depression should you be in the mood for laughing at all. And I Laugh at anything; I sat there in class today watching “The Castle”, laughing my arse off at fucking anything I could. It worked to no surprise. I never thought this movie was funny before.

To think this all started with a girl…

Yes a girl…

But fuck all that depressing shit, I am laughing my ass off! OFF! HA-FUCKING-HA!

To think my problems are just the same as everyone elses. Phoey.