Another day wondering why I feel like this and even now it breaks me down. I’m happy, if only for a moment. I predict it will not last very long, but pray that I will remain like this. If all I can do is moan to no one on some distant plane of server-based text, then why bother trying to fix myself? It can’t possibly be as bad as I make out. And, the clock ticks. Break me now fool, take me down for I know no pain. I can take it, and have been taking it for over a year now. Just one more button left to push, and the hatch will break, my insides will spill, and I will smile my bloody smile in their faces. I swear to my possibly non-existent god that if just one of them so much as proposes the situation or makes even a vague reference to it, I will crack.


Like a fucking egg. God.

Still, she is beautiful. Fairytale princess bullshit. I cried tonight for her.

I hate being cryptic, I’m just to embarrassed to write otherwise.