Large groups of people bother me. It isn't that I'm frightened of people. I just find I can't really have myself heard or pay attention to someone in groups of more then 4 unless its with really close friends. I'm quiet until I get to know someone too.

The night is the time to be out. I love having the darkness engulf me. It is so quiet and peaceful, everything seems more relaxed. The lack of people is also nice, nobody to bother me as I go about my business. If I'm out during the day it is for whitewater kayaking or hiking around in the woods, or combining the two. Alone with a few friends that I trust without question, out with nature.

I have my friends but other then that I'm a natural recluse. Meeting new people isn't something that happens often and it takes a few times before I really start talking to them. But I feel like when I know someone I really know them. All my friends are people I can trust, and for the most part I can. Only one catastrophic friendship failure in my life. And that was about a girl, even if I didn't know it until 3 months later.

Most people don't understand me, or my social behavior, but it works well for me, and I'm happy. So why should I care?