Freak (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Freaked (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Freaking.] [Akin to OE. frakin, freken, freckle, Icel. freknur, pl., Sw. frakne, Dan. fregne, Gr. dark-colored, Skr. p&rsdot;&cced;ni variegated. Cf. Freckle, Freck.]

To variegate; to checker; to streak.


Freaked with many a mingled hue. Thomson.


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Freak, n. [Prob. from OE. frek bold, AS. frec bold, greedly; akin to OHG. freh greedly, G. frech insolent, Icel. frekr greedly, Goth. fa�xa1;hufriks avaricious.]

A sudden causeless change or turn of the mind; a whim of fancy; a capricious prank; a vagary or caprice.

She is restless and peevish, and sometimes in a freak will instantly change her habitation. Spectator.

Syn. -- Whim; caprice; folly; sport. See Whim.


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