Eq"ui*page (?; 48), n. [F. 'equipage, fr. 'equiper. See Equip.]


Furniture or outfit, whether useful or ornamental; especially, the furniture and supplies of a vessel, fitting her for a voyage or for warlike purposes, or the furniture and necessaries of an army, a body of troops, or a single soldier, including whatever is necessary for efficient service; equipments; accouterments; habiliments; attire.

Did their exercises on horseback with noble equipage. Evelyn.

First strip off all her equipage of Pride. Pope.


Retinue; train; suite.



A carriage of state or of pleasure with all that accompanies it, as horses, liveried servants, etc., a showy turn-out.

The rumbling equipages of fashion . . . were unknown in the settlement of New Amsterdam. W. Irving.


© Webster 1913.