Ca*ress" (?), n. [F. caresse, It. carezza, LL. caritia dearness, fr. L. carus dear. See Charity.]

An act of endearment; any act or expression of affection; an embracing, or touching, with tenderness.

Wooed her with his soft caresses. Langfellow.

He exerted himself to win by indulgence and caresses the hearts of all who were under his command. Macaulay.


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Ca*ress", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Caressed (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Caressing.] [F. caresser, fr. It. carezzare, fr. carezza caress. See Caress., n.]

To treat with tokens of fondness, affection, or kindness; to touch or speak to in a loving or endearing manner; to fondle.

The lady caresses the rough bloodhoun. Sir W. Scott.

Syn. -- To foundle; embrace; pet; coddle; court; flatter. -- Caress, Fondle. "We caress by words or actions; we fondle by actions only."



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