Squar*rose" [L. squarrosus (perhaps) scurfy, scabby.]

Ragged or full of lose scales or projecting parts; rough; jagged

; as: (a) Bot. & Zool.

Consisting of scales widely divaricating; having scales, small leaves, or other bodies, spreading widely from the axis on which they are crowded; -- said of a calyx or stem

. (b) Bot.

Divided into shreds or jags, raised above the plane of the leaf, and not parallel to it; said of a leaf

. (c) Zool.

Having scales spreading every way, or standing upright, or at right angles to the surface; -- said of a shell.

Squarrose-slashed Bot., doubly slashed, with the smaller divisions at right angles to the others, as a leaf.



© Webster 1913.