Shill"-I-shall`-I (?), Shil"ly-shal`ly, adv. [A reduplication of shall I.]

In an irresolute, undecided, or hesitating manner.

I am somewhat dainty in making a resolution, because when I make it, I keep it; I don't stand shill-I-shall-I then; if I say 't, I'll do 't.


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Shil"ly-shal`ly, v. i.

To hesitate; to act in an irresolute manner; hence, to occupy one's self with trifles.


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Shil"ly-shal`ly, n.

Irresolution; hesitation; also, occupation with trifles.

She lost not one of her forty-five minutes in picking and choosing, -- no shilly-shally in Kate.
De Quincey.


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