Ruf"fian [F. rufien, OF. ruffen, ruffian, pimp. libertine, ake; cf. pr. & Sp. rufian, It. ruffiano; all perhaps of German or Dutch origin; cf. G. raufen to pluck, scuffle, fight, OD. roffen to pander. Cf. Ruffle to grow urbulent.]


A pimp; a pander; also, a paramour.


he [her husband] is no sooner abroad than she is instantly at home, reveling with her ruffians. Bp. Reynolds.


A boisterous, cruel, brutal fellow; a desperate fellow ready for murderous or cruel deeds; a cutthroat.

Wilt thou on thy deathbed play the ruffian? Shak.


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Ruf"fian, a.

brutal; cruel; savagely boisterous; murderous; as, ruffian rage.


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Ruf"fian, v. i.

To play the ruffian; to rage; to raise tumult.




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