De*po"nent (?), n. [L. deponenes, -entis, laying down. See Depone, v. t.]

1. Law

One who deposes or testifies under oath; one who gives evidence; usually, one who testifies in writing.

2. Gr. & Lat. Gram.

A deponent verb.

Syn. -- Deponent, Affiant. These are legal terms describing a person who makes a written declaration under oath, with a view to establish certain facts. An affiant is one who makes an affidavit, or declaration under oath, in order to establish the truth of what he says. A deponenet is one who makes a deposition, or gives written testimony under oath, to be used in the trial of some case before a court of justice. See under Deposition.


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De*po"nent, a. [L. deponens, -entis, laying down (its proper passive meaning), p. pr. of deponere: cf. F. d'eponent. See Depone.] Gram.

Having a passive form with an active meaning, as certain latin and Greek verbs.


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