Cu*vette" (k?-w?t"), n. [F., dim. of cuve a tub.]


A pot, bucket, or basin, in which molten plate glass is carried from the melting pot to the casting table.

2. Fort.

A cunette.


3. Spectrometry Analytical chemistry

A small vessel with at least two flat and transparent sides, used to hold a liquid sample to be analysed in the light path of a spectrometer.

The shape and materials vary; for ultraviolet spectrometry, quartz is typically used. For visible-light spectrometry, plastic cuvettes may be employed. Occasionally, small vessels used for other laboratory purposes are called cuvettes.

cuvette holder, Spectrometry A small device used to hold one or more cuvettes[3], shaped specifically to fit in the sample chamber of a particular type of spectrometer, with openings to permit light to pass through the holder and the cuvettes, and designed so as to hold the cuvette accurately and reproducibly within the light path of the spectrometer. For cuvettes with a square horizontal cross-section, the compartments will have a corresponding square cross-section, usu. slightly larger than the cuvette. -->


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