Bun"des*rath` (bun"des*rät`), n. [G., from bund (akin to E. bond) confederacy + rath council, prob. akin to E. read.]

The federal council of the German Empire. In the Bundesrath and the Reichstag are vested the legislative functions. The federal council of Switzerland is also so called.

⇒ The Bundesrath of the German empire is presided over by a chancellor, and is composed of sixty-two members, who represent the different states of the empire, being appointed for each session by their respective governments.

By this united congress, the highest tribunal of Switzerland, -- the Bundesrath -- is chosen, and the head of this is a president.
J. P. Peters (Trans. Müller's Pol. Hist.).


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Bun"des*rath` (?), n. [G.; bund confederacy + rath council.]

Lit., a federal council, esp. of the German Empire. See Legislature.


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