Be"zoar (?), n. [F. b'ezoard, fr. Ar. bazahr, badizahr, fr. Per. pad-zahr bezoar; pad protecting + zahr poison; cf. Pg. & Sp. bezoar.]

A calculous concretion found in the intestines of certain ruminant animals (as the wild goat, the gazelle, and the Peruvian llama) formerly regarded as an unfailing antidote for poison, and a certain remedy for eruptive, pestilential, or putrid diseases. Hence: Any antidote or panacea.

⇒ Two kinds were particularly esteemed, the Bezoar orientale of India, and the Bezoar occidentale of Peru.

Bezoar antelope. See Antelope. -- Bezoar goat Zool., the wild goat (Capra aegagrus). -- Bezoar mineral, an old preparation of oxide of antimony.



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