Acronym for Voice Initiated Child Identicant, a gynoid maidservant in the form a young girl. Built by cybernetics genius, Ted Lawson. Commonly referred to as "Vicki", the unrealized prototype unit was portrayed by the numbing Tiffany Brissette on the early FOX TV show Small Wonder. Lawson was forced hide the V.I.C.I. unit's true identity. He claimed she was his own child to hide her from that nosy Harriet Brindle.

A quote by "VICI's Uncle" from the frightening Small Wonder website,
To the world, Vicki was born and raised in the town of Victoria in the Seychelles where she was supposedly orphaned and raised by nuns after a freak plane-train accident that kills her parents Jim and Pat Smith who had a godparent agreement with the Lawsons. Programmed with the "family-friendly" basic persona of a ten-year-old girl, Vicki appears as an unnaturally taciturn, obedient and stoic creature that speaks in a somewhat nasal monotone voice and executes what she hears literally. While Vicki's artificial intelligence "I.Q." is around that of a mouse, her Personality Emulation Program (PEP) makes her perceived behavior and social effect marginally passable for her assumed human age. It works well enough to fool her human peers at Grant Junior High, who mostly regard her as a weird and very dull nerd, though it's her beauty that really does all the work in attracting boys and dates who don't mind her polite indifference of their interest.

"No, Vicki..."